Monday, September 22, 2014

Gracie goes to the dentist

Recent works

Here are a few miniatures that I have had a chance to paint
Here is my new D&D character that will be rotating with my other Dwarf Norathall the Wander. A dwarf looks a little strange in a group of elves and some times there goals do not line up, so when this happens enter Clint Ryder the swash buckling aristocrate. This will be a really fun character to play and talk a lot of smack.

Here are some GeneStealers that I painted last night, doing some experimaneting with colors.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ruler of the Sea

Hey every body its Mr. Nick!
While at the Long Beach Aquarium a couple weeks ago I had the need to have another fish tank. I used to have a 55 Gal. salt water tank and I have a few other fresh water ones as well. Now you may or may not know that I am cheap so a tank is a very expensive project. So I hit up Craigslist and found a tank. I found a perfect tank that was complete for 100 doll hairs the lady said that I could not get it that day so I called back the next day and it was gone. The hazards of CL. So the next day I found a smaller tank only 35 Gal. for 20 dollars with filter. So when I went to pick it up there was a smaller tank that was thrown in with the deal. so I set that one up for my daughter, who has also been wanting a fish tank. In honor of my fish aquarium in which Aquaman Ruled as a youngster I have put him back in action in this smaller one. I am going to try to set the other one up as a salt water tank for as cheap as possible; Ill keep you posted on the progress.